About me

Born in Zimbabwe in July 1994

I'm a tech guy and I enjoy anything to do with technology, whether it is coding, making websites, building and upgrading PCs, fiddling with IoT stuff, gaming, or even a little bit of robotics!

I also really like the outdoors! Mountain biking, camping, exploring!

I do ballroom dancing and I'm into art too, although I steer clear of most colorful medium as im color-blind, but I do a fair bit of pencil drawing!

My skills


  • MS Office Applications
  • Adobe Suite
  • Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Visual Studio, Eclipse, Vim


languages = { "Java",
    "Javascript", "C",
    "C#", "Basic",


  • Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming
  • Understanding of using Threads and Concurrency
  • Experience with PHP, Flask, Jinja, HTML, CSS
  • Able to use LaTeX to create PDFs and presentations
  • Experience in creating a compiler for a ficticious language using C
  • Experience in using Git for version control and collaboration
  • Experience in Virtualisation, Docker, KVM, VirtualBox, UnRaid
  • Experience in setting up and managing servers remotely, networking, IP tables
  • Databases (MS Access, influxDB, mySQL, MariaDB)
  • Knowledge of various problem solving techniques used in Operations Research
  • Familiar with the development cycle of computer systems
  • Good Knowledge of both hardware and Software

Education and Experience


  • BScHons. Computer Science (Stellenbosch University)
  • BSc. Computer Science (Stellenbosch University) - 2021
  • Cambridge A Levels (Hellenic Academy - Zimbabwe) - 2013
  • Cambridge AS Levels (Hellenic Academy - Zimbabwe) - 2012
  • Cambridge O Levels (Hellenic Academy - Zimbabwe) - 2011


  • Student Intern - ByteFuse (Alphawave) (2022 - current)
  • Student - Stellenbosch University (2019 - current)
  • Software Developer - EQUALS (CABS) (2016 - 2018)
  • IT Support - Rimov (CABS) (2015 - 2016)
  • Gap year - Hellenic (2014)

My Art

As I mentioned earlier, I do dabble a bit in some pencil drawings, so I thought I may aswell have a few of my drawings up here to let you see the kind of stuff I get up to on the odd occasion.


Feel free to contact me! You can find me on social media.